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Civil Law & Criminal Law

Your Advocate for Justice

Because our clients often have complicated lives, we are prepared to assist in a wide variety of civil legal issues including Family Law, Consumer Rights, Civil Rights, Administrative Law, Boards and Commissions and Contracts & Disputes. When you're looking for a civil rights lawyer in New Orleans, LA, we can help.

Consumer Rights

As consumers, we deserve a level playing field. The Rhodes Law Firm has significant experience fighting for consumer rights in foreclosure defense, unfair trade and collections, banking and lending and more. Let us fight for you!

Family Law

Above all else, the well-being of your family is our primary concern. Like it is for our own families. In good times and bad, families need support of a dedicated lawyer and counselor. We can help as your advocate in a contested divorce or negotiate a collaborative divorce. Our firm will fight for the best interests of your children in custody and support matters, and all other areas of family law. 

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