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Future tech. Future law.

The Rhodes Law Firm is helping to build the future of technology and the law. 


Our practice focuses on development of Blockchain and Digital Assets to promote the growth of decentralized networks, DeFi, Web3 and IoT. The Firm has deep background in telecom corporate activities, wireless networks, smart city planning and leads in development of business structures for decentralized technologies. From developer agreements to SEC Registration, the Firm is a leader in Blockchain and Crypto. We help entrepreneurs large and small design the future of connectivity. 


The Firm has significant experience in utility regulatory matters, renewable energy, microgrids and crypto mining. We provide assistance with Franchise Agreements for public right of way, virtual power plants and distributed energy projects, solar and hydro development, and new technologies for microgrid resilience. Our real world experience developing and managing projects makes the firm an asset and true partner in your venture. 

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