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Families & Children

Let Our Family Help Your Family

Above all else, the well-being of your family is our primary concern. Like it is for our own families. 


In good times and bad, families need support of a dedicated lawyer and counselor. We can help as your advocate in a contested divorce or negotiate a collaborative divorce.


Our firm will fight for the best interests of your children in custody and support matters, and all other areas of family law. The Firm as a particular focus on Disability Law and protecting children.


Whether you are contemplating divorce or already separated, or firm will advocate for your best interests in divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, partition of community property, paternity disputes and name changes.

Child Custody & Adoption

We can help attain sole custody, joint custody, voluntary transfer of custody, custody by mandate, and visitation in the best interests of your child. In other circumstances, an intrafamily or private adoption may be in the best interests of your family. We can help. 

Child Support & Spousal Support

Our firm can help to establish support obligations, including child support and interim or final spousal support. We can also help you modify existing payments based on changes in circumstances.

Disability Rights

Our firm has significant experience helping children and other individuals with serve disabilities through Tutorship, Continuing Tutorship and Interdiction.

Domestic Violence Protection

If you are experiencing domestic violence, please contact law enforcement and other protective services immediately. When it comes to your long-term legal protection, and the protection of children, we will fight for you including obtaining orders of protection from abuse.

Estate Management

All families can benefit from advanced planning, including planning for your incapacity and final wishes. Our firm can help to establish a valid will, navigate property successions, and draft advance health care directives.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Sometimes it helps to put it all in writing. Whether you want to protect your assets or avoid potential disputes, we can help draft legal agreements before and during your marriage.

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