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Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed.

Helping Communities Rebuild.

Helping Families Thrive.

Whether you're in concept and development, start-up or restructuring, our real-world experience and strategic counseling help your business innovate, plan and grow. 

We assist real estate projects at all stages, from land-use and planning, to contracts, disputes and tax credit consulting to rebuild communities with financial success.

In good times and bad, our firm is passionate about helping families thrive through estate planning, wills, adoption divorce, custody, and other civil and consumer matters. 


Portrait of Jonathan M. Rhodes, who stands in front of greenery in a suit with a firm smile.
Jonathan M. Rhodes

As Founder and Managing Attorney Jonathan M. Rhodes has over a decade of experience in business development, real estate development, family law and general legal practice.

As your advocate, Jonathan leads the firm to provide strategic consulting and advice, as well as real-world experience that will help clients achieve their goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 


In Technology, Jonathan has guided leading-edge companies in areas of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and wireless networks to enable Web3. He also advises on renewable energy projects, including to support crypto mining operations across the united states. He is a leader in utility and energy regulatory matters, including franchising and power purchase agreements. 

In Business, Jonathan has helped scores of small business and organizations accomplish their goals through business formation, planning and development. Jonathan was appointed by the Mayor of New Orleans to serve on the City's Economic Development Advisory Committee has served as a pro bono consultant for various groups including Propeller and ThriveNOLA. Get started here
In Real estate, Jonathan is a leading attorney in restoration tax credits and has developed dozens of residential and commercial projects generating millions of dollars in state and federal tax credits. Through this practice he has also gained significant experience with transactions and disputes, establishing condo and home associations, and advocating for land use and zoning. Get started here
In Civil Law and other matters, Jonathan has assisted hundreds of clients and is a recognized leader in the legal community. In 2010 Jonathan established Louisiana's first Help Desk for domestic litigants in the Orleans Parish Court, and was then asked to create similar desks in East Baton Rouge Family Court and Jefferson Parish. This model has now been adopted by over a dozen courts across Louisiana. Jonathan's work has been recognized by the Louisiana State Bar Association with an "Innovation Award" and nationally by the Pro Bono Institute for his partnership with Entergy Corporation's legal department in Family Court. Get started here
Jonathan is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association. He is licensed to practice in all Louisiana State Courts and in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana, and the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Jonathan's projects have been recognized with the Legal Innovation Award from the Louisiana State Bar Association. 
He live in New Orleans with his wife and three children, and enjoys travel, great food, music, museums and surfing whenever possible.  


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